Hello everyone!

Let us introduce ourselves :) We are Rasťo and Miška, and we would like to introduce you our project of dog bakery 
Both of us are animal lovers, mostly dogs are our favourite ones and we believe that each of them deserves to eat only the food or dog treats of the highest quality. As we often couldn't find some dog treats in a regular stores which would contain no preservatives, no artificial flavours, salt or other ingredients we couldn't even understand, we decided we are going to provide to our doggies our own dog treats in which we would know all ingredients.
Thus, we decided to start up our small dog bakery where we personally take care of baking all the dog treats - all of the dog treats are formed manually, only using the regular ingredients we find either in our local market or in a grocery store, thus the ingredients suitable for hoomans, too :) By baking our own dog treats, we can assure you they only contain good ingredients, we never put there anything we would not eat (as we taste them ourselves to ensure the best quality)
All of the dog treats are freshly baked as we only bake treats we receive order of, and are suitable even for allergic doggies. In case you're unsure if your dog could eat some ingredients or want to customise any of the product, please send us a message, we can always adjust it to your needs :)
We hope our decision to replace a mystic ingredients in usual dog treats is the right one, and that you will love them just as much as we do.
By buying our product you support small local producer - Thank you
The funds raised by the selling of our dog treats will be used for financing the activities of the Civic Assosiation Pamlskovo, o.z.

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